Duncan Fallowell is a novelist and travel writer. Born in London in 1948, he graduated from Oxford in 1970 and at the age of 21 was given a pop column in the Spectator. During the 1970s he travelled extensively in Europe and Asia, collaborated on the punk glossies Deluxe and Boulevard, and began working with the avant-garde German group Can. Later he lived for substantial periods in the south of France and Sicily. His first novel was published in 1986 and first travel book in 1987. In the 1990s he was often in the English countryside and also at St Petersburg where he wrote the libretto of the opera Gormenghast which was first staged in 1998. He has since travelled to New Zealand, spent time in Paris, but remains based in London. In 2012 Fallowell was awarded the PEN Ackerley Prize for Memoir and Literary Autobiography.


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