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‘Very trippy, very brilliant, very odd – really, it’s like nothing else.’
Jonathan Meades, author and broadcaster




‘Duncan Fallowell’s long-awaited hedonistic masterpiece’
Roger Lewis, 

‘Opinionated, unpredictable and quite fearless, Fallowell has penned a travel classic.’
Richard Canning,

‘I LOVE your book!  It's the best possible kind of travel writing - funny, personal, informative, varied, omnivorous.’
Edmund White, novelist

‘Fallowell decided on New Zealand on the grounds that he couldn't go any further, to cure himself of the need to travel and, though he doesn't admit it, to write a kind of anti-travel piece, which is part of this elegant and companionable book's charm.’
Chris Petit,

‘He has an enviable knack of holding the reader.’
Francis King, novelist

‘Fallowell’s travel books have acquired something akin to cult status’
Anthony Sattin,

‘A frisky little masterpiece’
Andrew Barrow,
Country Life

‘A caution: you may need to steel yourself to take in certain details of the author’s sex life.’
Simon Carr,
New Statesman

‘Sebald with laughs’
Jonathan Keates, author and critic

‘So far I’m only a third of the way through the book, laughing, nodding agreement at the choleric ideas, gasping at the prose . . . My copy has been borrowed – always a good sign.’
Peter Stothard, editor of the
Times Literary Supplement, editor’s blog

‘Certainly timidity is not one of his shortcomings . . . The real, audacious adventure isn’t supposed to be a journey through New Zealand; it is into Fallowell himself.’
Rory Maclean,
Sunday Telegraph

‘I like the way he talks about gayness. It makes the heterosexual world seem very heavy.’
Nicholas Mosley, novelist

‘Fallowell is certainly no stranger to bad behaviour, and there are echoes of William Burroughs and Hunter S Thompson in his writing. Part memoir, part travel journal, this is a colourful, hedonistic and oddly moving journey, illuminated by Fallowell’s keen eye for detail, and unnerving ability to seek out the absurdities of life. I loved it.’
Clover Stroud, Travel Section,
Sunday Telegraph

‘Amusing, informative and perfectly paced, this is travel writing at its finest . . . Little wonder he includes William Boyd and Simon Callow among his fans.’
Sainsbury’s Magazine

‘Not a dull page in it . . . I liked the format too, sections of very varied length running like ciné-montage . . . a rich and flowing mix.’
John Fuller, poet and academic

‘Book deal? Someone get Fallowell his own chat show, quick!’
Lee Randall,

‘A flash-lit red carpet to New Zealand and the gaudiest of additions to the Thubron-Chatwin-Morris library.’
Madame Arcati blogsite

‘Intoxicating in many different ways: fantastically cinematic and richly atmospheric . . . but all done with real discipline and lucidity which holds the focus  . . . Reminded me in places of Truman Capote's Answered Prayers, in others, perhaps more strangely, of passages by Ian Fleming; it’s that very cut, pared away and honed style.’
Michael Bracewell, author and critic

‘Funny, perceptive and disconcertingly honest, Fallowell’s book is in part howl of rage . . . but also an eloquent, almost painterly evocation of a country which, for all its faults, he came to love.’
Jeremy Lewis,
Mail on Sunday